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Location 1980 currently has many offerings:

“Life Drawing and Painting Workshop” – is an un-instructed workshop happening weekly on Wednesday nights 7-10pm. With dozens of local artists participating workshops are filled with energy and a strong sense of community. The studio is lit well, the models are the best in OC / LA County and the music and atmosphere are unparalleled! To learn more click here… drawing

Figure Drawing

“Mixers with Masters” – Learn how to paint is a fun casual atmosphere! Workshop happens once a month or by request and is all inclusive. For $45 you receive a 16 × 20 Canvas, brushes, aprons, expert instruction and a good time. The workshops are fun, casual and very inspirational. Absolutely no experience needed! Private parties encouraged!


“Private Lessons” – Take your painting skills to the Next Level with our expert instructors. We offer instruction to those interested in learning to develop their creative skillset.

“Learn the Art of Airbrush”  – A weekly airbrush class taught by Dan of Airbrush Venturi! Trust us, even if you cant draw a half decent stick figure, Airbrush Venturi can teach you the art of realism airbrush. Cost for 8 – 3 hour classes is $420. This includes all supplies needed plus course curriculum.  No previous experience required. 



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