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Studio Rental

Use includes access to all equipment, tables and studio space. The studio is open for use during normal operating hours (subject to availability based on workshops, private rentals, and special events).

We offer art supply storage and almost unlimited access to the studio starting at $300.00 month.

What you get:

  • 7 day a week studio access (Excluding Special Events)
  • Designated art (supply) storage
  • Indoor / Outdoor kitchen access
  • Shop sink / utility closet access (cleaning supplies)
  • Lighting
  • Wireless internet access

That about sums up the tangibles. Now the good part; the intangibles. By having studio space here you will have direct contact to a bevy of artists, patrons, and friends that stop and participate by on a weekly basis. We can tell you firsthand how much of a positive impact this has on an artist.

You will also have a built in gallery sales support staff. We’ve helped more than 100 different artist sell work over the last 5 years at Location1980. In addition you can make a strong impression on your friends and patrons who come to see your art and studio space.